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Publish Time: 2023-04-21
The EB6000 intelligent charging station is a fast charging device with a power range of 4000W-6000W. Used for AGV, RGV, intelligent warehousing equipment, electric forklift charging. The EB6000 adopts an advanced modular design concept for charging stations, with a beautiful and elegant appearance, superior human-machine interface design, and a touchable real-time monitoring intelligent human-machine interaction interface, which is convenient for users to use. The EB6000 has the following characteristics: 1. Human-computer interaction interface: Charging parameters and charging curves can be set according to the characteristics and usage needs of the battery pack. (Voltage, current, dynamic adjustment, shutdown and restart) 2. The charging output adopts brush docking, without the need to plug and unplug the charging station. The brush stroke is 200mm, avoiding the device from touching the charging station, making it convenient for electric equipment to charge when approaching. 3. Input 220V/380V is optional. It is recommended to input 380Vac when there is no 380V three-phase power supply, and 220V/110V can also be used. 4. Automatically record and store charging data, with battery self-test and power statistics functions. 5. Equipped with full protection functions: leakage, overheating, overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, short circuit, output reverse connection, input surge, eight fold protection. 6. Optional search functions such as infrared, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc. 7. Optional communication and data interfaces.

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