Service Strategy
                                             kingpan's core competitiveness
1. Experience: 30 years of professional research and development, manufacturer of chargers (1993-2023)

2. Product: 75 models and over 600 specifications in three major categories.

3. Coverage: 3.6V~2000V/100W~300kW

4. Certification: CE, UL, KC, PSE (Europe, United States, South Korea, Japan)

5. Warranty: (3+2) Five year warranty
6. Production capacity: 300000 units per year, 300000 KW (average 1000W/unit)

7. Technology: World advanced level, original charging theory, charger technology, over 40 patents, and passing national level appraisal.

8. Functions: digital control, WiFi, infrared remote control, 232/485 serial port, CAN communication, human-machine interaction

9. Market: best-selling in Europe, America, South Korea, and Japan. Top tier service merchants (JD, BYD, Yunzhou, Jifei, Zongshen, Yadi...)

10. Honors: 12 Year High tech Enterprise, Guangdong Province Specialized, Refined, and New Enterprise, Innovative Small and Medium sized Enterprise, Guangdong Province Famous Trademark, Guangdong Province Famous and Excellent Product, Guangzhou Technology Progress Award, and Guangzhou Top 100 Emerging Enterprises

11. Three unique:

(1). The only manufacturer of all product lines in the entire network

(2). The only manufacturer that truly achieves safe and fast charging of lithium batteries

(3). The only manufacturer to achieve the goal of safe and fast charging for international aluminum acid battery commission (ALABC)

12. Four Purposes: People without Me, People with Me, Adhering to Originality, Leading the Trend

13. Five major advantages: technological advantage, quality advantage, functional advantage, product advantage, and certification advantage


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